siddha mala rudraksha

Rudraksha is a natural seed of the blue fruit of the Rudraksha tree (Elaeocarpus ganitrus) and mostly found in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Timor and parts of Nepal. “Rudraksha” is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the name Rudra (“Shiva”) and akṣha (“eyes”). Rudraksha are therefore “the tears of Shiva”.

Different qualities are attributed to the rudraksha based on the number of clefts, or “faces” that it has. These ‘faces’ are called “mukhis”. Each ‘face’ or ‘mukhi’ is known to have a specific powers and influence on the soul. The greater the number of faces of a bead, the more rare and special the bead.

Each bead has a different effect on you, depending on the number of mukhis it has. Rudrakshas of different mukhis attune you to different planets and deities.

It has always been noticed that the seeds had different features, like the various Vedic gods, such as the four-headed Brahma, the five-headed Shiva, the six-headed Karttikeya, etc. Thus the number of faces indicate the presiding deity of that particular Rudraksha and the powers it is said to possess.

Ancient scriptures such as the Shiva Purana, Padma Purana, Skanda Purana, Srimad Bhagavad, Jabal Rudrakasha Upanishad, Rudrajabalopanishad and Mantramaharnava detail the powers and effects of the Rudraksha.

The scriptures speak of 1 to 38 mukhis, but only Rudrakshas of 1 to 14 mukhis are commonly found. The most common type has 5 muhkis, and these are considered to be symbolic of the five faces of Shiva.

Wearing a combination of several mukhis will bring all the different effects of them simultaneously to a person.

Spiritual Effects of Rudraksha

Traditionally, Rudraksha are worn as necklaces (mala), bracelets, and pendants and used for meditation and to sanctify the mind, body and soul. Yogis and monks found that wearing the Rudraksha beads astonishingly gave them tremendous amount of tranquility and concentration that helped them meditate for a long period of time with spectacular control over their mind.

In China, Rudraksha is used to enhance the flow of life energy in the body and balance Yin and Yang. The Zen Buddhists in Japan use Rudraksha beads to induce deeper states of meditation.

Medicinal Effects of Rudraksha

In recent years, the general populace in India has taken to wearing Rudraksha beads to combat the effects of stress, without the harmful side-effects and addictive nature of tranquilizers and anti-depressants.

Ancient medical texts claim that the Rudraksha can prolong life. The beads are supposed to help balance the chakras, bring a positive effect on the heart and nerves, has anti-aging effects and relieves from stress, anxiety, depression, and lack of focus.

Material Effects of Rudraksha

Rudraksha confer peace, power and protection to the wearer. Rudraksha has been found to boost the confidence and inner strength of the wearer significantly and therefore help in acquring wealth and prosperity. They are also said to protect against accidents and bad happenings.

Astrological effects – Rudraksha are also known to remove the bad effects of the planets in your astrological chart, in the same way gems are used for. Rudraksha and gems can be worn together for maximum benefits.

Rules for using Rudraksha

Rudrakshas should not be shared, exchanged or transferred from one person to another after it has been worn. Keep the beads close to your skin and do not let others touch them. Do not show your Rudraksha to everyone. It should be hidden well below your clothes. Rudraksha is not an object of fashion to display publicly.

Rudraksha is a sacred bead so it should not be worn when attending a funeral, visiting a cemetery or a brothels. Females should not wear Rudraksha during menstrual cycle period. Rudraksha should not be worn while going to bed. Remove your rudraksha bead or mala before sleeping. Rudraksha should also be taken off during se and menstrual cycles.

The effect of rudraksha is felt within 40 days after wearing it. However, make sure you get the real ones. Imitations do not work!

• A real Rudraksha bead will never float on water.

• Even if you boil a real Rudraksha in water for 6 hours, there is no effect on the bead, while a fake will disintegrate.

• 70% of Rudraksha comes from Java, about 25% from India and about 5% from Nepal (which are the most expensive).

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Rudraksha Effects, from 1 to 21-mukhi

Ek mukhi

Ruling Deity: Paramashiva (Shiva Mahadeva)

Worn for power, wealth, fame, confidence boost and spiritual enrichment. It is the king of all beads and is ruled by the pure consciousness, or Paramashiva. It allows one to enjoy worldy success and material enjoyments without attachment to them. It is the most powerful bead for Dhyana.

The wearer of this Rudraksha should meditate on “Aum”. It represents the energy of Paramashiva, gives freedom from the circle of death and birth and governs Sahasrara, which governs clarity of mind, connection to Shiva. Once balanced, you get divine connection and wealth.

It brings the power of Dharana to the wearer (power to concentrate the mind on an object). The wearer of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha gets his mental structure changed and he begins to feel renunciation from the worldly affairs and naturally inclines towards God. The person who worships it obtains not only all the worldly pleasures during his life span but also remains unaffected by them.

One Mukhi Rudraksha is found in two shapes: round and half-moon. Round Rudraksha is highly praised in ancients texts but it is very rare and more of a myth. Half moon on the other hand is easily available. The most powerful ek mukhi comes from Java.

The half-moon shaped ek-mukhi Rudraksha is actually a Bhadraksha and not Rudraksha. Bhadraksha is a biological family close to Rudraksha. However, due to increase in awareness and demand from market for Ek-mukhi, the ek-mukhi Bhadraksha has been accepted as a genuine Ek-mukhi Rudraksha rather than using fake ek-mukhi-s.

Instead of wearing the half-moon Ek mukhi alone, it is better to wear it with other Rudraksha. This will improve its effect.

2 mukhi

Ruling deity: Ardhanarishwara, Chandra

Planet: Moon

Ruled by Shiva Ardhanareshwar (a joint image of Shiva and Parvati) and blesses the wearer with unity. It promotes wealth, happiness, emotional balance, unity, harmony and harmonious relationships. Can greatly help in controlling anger, frustration and lack of concentration. Recommended for Left Eye defects, diseases of Heart, Lung, Brain, Kidney and Intestine.

3 mukhi

Ruling deity: Agni

Planet: Mars

Releases one from obstacles from his past karma. Releases memories of hurt, shame and anger. Enhances one’s self-esteem, boosts self-confidence and helps to purify all sins. The way fire consumes every thing and remains pure, the wearer too gets free from sins and return to purity. Ideal for those who suffer from inferiority complexes, subjective fear, guilt and depression. It is also effective in removing laziness and making a person energetic.

4 mukhi

Ruling deity: Brahma

Planet: Jupiter/Mercury

Helps increase mental power, memory, wit, intelligence, knowledge, concentration, creativity and realizing all 4 levels of knowledge (Jagrit, Swapna, Sushupti, Turiya). Resonates with the four-headed Brahma, the Creator. Those who wear it will become esteemed in social circles, respected and honored, people will seek them out for advice and they will be given great responsibility. It can also increase sexual power and attractiveness.

5 mukhi

Ruling deity: Rudra Kaalagni

Planet: Jupiter

A manifestation of the five-headed Shiva. Nearly 90% of all Rudraksha beads of a tree are 5 mukhi. It imparts health, mental peace and happiness. Controls and balance the 5 elements of the wearer (Agni, Vayu, Akash, Jal and Prithvi). Associated with learning, developing one’s own uniqueness, realization of higher self, intellect and enhanced awareness, optimism and growth. Its wearer gains health and peace of mind. Recommended for Bone Marrow, Liver, Kidney, Feet, Thigh, Ear.

6 mukhi

Ruling deity: Kartikeya

Planet: Venus

Resonate with Kartikeya (Murugan), who has six heads. Pacifies the malefic effects of Mars. For willpower, perfection, fearlessness, grounding and focus. Brings stability in all aspects of one’s life. Refines wisdom, improves power of expression and willpower. Recommended for intellectual types. Connects you with the Earth and gives learning, knowledge and wisdom, and the quality of tolerance.

Affects neurophysiology through the sacral plexus, sexual organs, prostate gland. Affects understanding and appreciation of love, sexual pleasure and personal relationships. Works on emotional traumas. Bestows fulfillment of desires and youthful appearance. Recommended for problems with eyes, genitals, prostate, mouth and throat. One can influence any group of people. Gives gains from agriculture. Purifies from serious sins committed. 6 mukhi is an alternative to 13 mukhi.

7 mukhi

Ruling deity: 7 forms of Mahalakshmi, Anang Shiva

Planet: Saturn

Helps in finances, wealth and peace of mind. Wards off fatal diseases, helps to achieve longevity. It is preferable to use 8 mukhi along with 7 mukhi – however, 7 mukhi itself is very powerful.

This mukhi is assigned to the Sapta Matrikas (Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumaari, Vaishnavee, Vaaraahee, Indraanee, Chamunda), the Sapta Rishis and the Saptadevatas. According to Padma-purana, the 7 divine snakes Saptanagas live in 7 faces of the 7-mukhi (Vasuki, Takshaka, Karkotaka, Padmaka, Sankhapala, Gulika, Kaliya).

Saturn, the most malefic planet of all, rules the 7 Mukhi. In case of the presence of a malefic Saturn in a person’s horoscope, that person goes through tremendous troubles in life. With this Rudraksha, one can sublimate the malefic effects of Saturn, such as diseases and death occurring suddenly without any cause, impotency, obstruction, hopelessness, despair, delay in achievements, scarcity, worry etc. Those who are suffering from miseries pertaining to body, finance and mental set-up should wear it.

In its properly sanctified form, it is also said to confer eternal contentment and tranquility equivalent to those of seven seas to its wearers. The psychological ill-effects caused by a malefic Saturn such as hopelessness, deficiency, nervousness, and life impediments can also be overcome. He does not desire for more and runs each and every work in his available resources. It is recommended for people who suffer from miseries related to luck and finance.

This Rudraksha gives a push to all such people to realize what they believe and dream for. It also helps one keep a control over desires for materialistic aspects, and remain satisfied with what one has in the present.

This Rudraksha is also very good for getting Success in Business and Increasing Profits if it is used in combination with 8 mukhi. The wearer of the 7 Mukhi gets success in all ventures and endeavors. It is considered highly beneficial for businessman and public administers. It makes the wearer very positive and free from all types of sufferings. It also brings new opportunities in the wearer’s life in field of luck, love, and finance.

8 mukhi

Ruling deity: Ganesha-Vighneshvara

Planet: Ketu

Gives stability and contentment. Removes lethargy, low energy and obstacles and improves the ability to face challenges. One become free from the fear of failure in any undertakings. Great for business and career. Good for insomnia and mental problems.

Cures arrogance, extravagance and diseases of stomach. Increases willpower and wins over enemies. The minds or intentions of his opponents are changed. Removes the malefic effects of Ketu. Gives all kinds of riddhis and siddhis. Affects Medulla Oblongata, Hypothalamus, Limbic System.

9 mukhi

Ruling deity: Durga

Planet: Rahu

Contains the powers of Durga, who appears in 9 forms. Gives blessings from Shakti, thus the wearer gets bravery, courage, endurance and fame. Gives both bhoga and moksha to the wearer. Makes you more energized and action-oriented. Helps to get wealth, property and to fulfill dreams and ambitions.

Regulates the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Gives self confidence, fearlessness, strength and health. It is good for removing sins, irreligion, injustice, cruelty, laziness and bad habits. Helps in acquiring spiritual knowledge and salvation.

This Rudraksha belongs to the nine powers, Nau Kuli Naag (Nine Cobra). After proper purification and charging with Mantra, the wearer gets all success open for him. Removes the Kaal Sarp Yoga effect. The person who face too many obstacles or feel unlucky should wear it. 9 mukhi removes all type of fears, for all those who get tensed with a fearful mind. It removes malefic effects of Rahu

No evil can never have any effect on the wearer of this Rudraksha. It controls the nine senses of the body, removes all sins and provides all comforts and happiness. It cures snake bites – for this cure, the 9-mukhi is dipped in the water filled in a copper vessel.

10 mukhi

Ruling deity: Narayan Krishna

Planet: All planets

Associated with all the planets. It pacifies the negative influence and afflictions of all planets in general. Gives the energy of creation and perseverance. Gives success in court cases, land deals and relieves from debts and losses. Blesses the wearer with peace and protection in all aspects of life.

Considered a protection shield. It drives evils away, thus its wearer is protected from spirits, black magic and psychic attacks.Helps to overcome fears develop a sound mind. Contains the influence of the 10 incarnations and the 10 directions. Removes nervousness, indecision, shyness and anger. Almost anybody can wear it. Removes illusion. It has no ruling planet, and pacifies all negative planetary energies.

11 mukhi

Ruling deity: Hanuman

Planet: No planet

Represent the 11 Rudras (Kapali, Pingal, Bheem, Viroopaksha, Vilohita, Shasta, Ajpaad, Ahirbudhanya, Shambhu, Chand and Bhava). Its wearer is blessed with material wealth and a very high level of awareness, divine consciousness, wisdom and right judgment.

It helps to lead a blessed, prosperous and relaxed life. It bestows powerful vocabulary, adventurous life and success upon the wearer. The wearer becomes fearless. Confers leadership qualities and the power to gain control over all the 11 senses (5 physical, 5 sensory and one of Heart or Mana)

Helps in Meditation and removes the problems of yogic practices. Recommended for nerve energy and maintenance of entire neurophysiology. Removes all sorrows and disease and endows its owner with a long and happy life. Used for almost all purposes.

It gives success in general, comforts, peace of mind, prosperity, health, fulfillment of desires and spiritual success. It brings stability and confidence. Good in chronic diseases. Protects from accidental death. Has no ruling planet but pacifies the malefic effects of all the planets. No more than one 11-mukhi should be worn at a time.

12 mukhi

Planet: Surya

Ruled by Suryadeva. Pacifies the negative influence of the Sun. Makes the wearer fearless and free from trouble. Gives radiance, luster, youthfulness and vitality. The Sun reflects the present, the “here and now” and teaches you that you have maximum potential only in the now. Helps to realize dreams and achieve goals.

Should be worn by people wanting to attain influential and powerful positions. Increases your charisma, charms, self-image and motivation. The wearer gets limitless administrative capacity. He gets the quality of the Sun – to rule continuously with brilliant radiance and strength. It is miraculously effective. Removes worry, suspicion and fear. Only one 12 mukhi should be worn at a time.

13 mukhi

Ruling deity: Kamadeva, Indra, Vishwadeva

The wearer is blessed with magnetism, charisma and hypnotic attraction (Vashikarana). Attracts people and things, blesses with both love and money. Increase attractiveness and gives hypnotic influences on others, who are smitten with your charms. Useful for enhancing leadership qualities, communication and marketing skills. Helps to enjoy the various luxuries of life. When invoked, it showers all possible comforts. Pacifies the negative effects of Venus.

Helpful for meditation and spiritual attainments. It gives the 8 siddhis and Kamadeva is pleased with the man who wears it. It is also blessed by Indra and as such the wearer gets the blessings of all the Devatas. After getting rid of all the sins, the wearer can seek the death of his choice (Ichhamrityu).

14 mukhi

Ruling deity: Shiva-Shaneshwara, Hanuman

Planet: Saturn

Jointly represents Hanuman and Shiva. All-powerful, very beneficial and extremely auspicious. This bead is the controller of Ajna. Meditating with a 14 mukhi awakens Ajna, by which the wearer foresees the future. It arouses the psychic aspects of a person and increases visionary qualities. For best results, the wearer should touch Ajna with the rudraksha for a few minutes. It is miraculously effective and very powerful.

For those who desire a radical change in their lives, it can create a wondrous effect. It helps to emerge victorious in the most trying situations. It can actually help you achieve more than you could have ever conceived for yourself. Provides the wearer safety, security and riches and self power.

It is also a very powerful antidote for Saturn miseries and protects a person from ill effects of Saturn. It brings gains in business and finance. It is good for businessmen and adventure-seeking persons. Prevents sudden diseases and bad situations.

15 mukhi

Ruling deity: Shiva-Pashupatinath

Planet: Mercury

Same powers as 14 mukhi, with additional luck in acquiring wealth. Pacifies the malefic effects of Mercury. It is considered to be the most powerful bead for Dhyana (meditation) and astral travel. Removes the instinctual bondage to mankind, kills the animal instincts and ignorance.

Brings focus and knowledge like never before. Increases intuition and mental power. Channelizes thoughts into focus. Reduces the ill effects of one’s past sins committed advertently or inadvertently. Acts like a shield against black magic or evil spirits.

Attracts abundance and fulfillment in one’s life. Very helpful for speculative business like share trading etc. Very helpful for people in import export business and those in iron and chemicals Business.

Very good for healthy relationships. Awakens unconditional love and gives ability to forgive and let go. Makes the wearer more compassionate and generous. Opens the heart, which pours out the unconditional love.

The best Rudraksha to come out of bondages and proceed towards freedom. It is considered to be the most powerful Rudraksha for spiritual attainments and meditation. It kills the animal instincts, suffering, ignorance, pain and the cause of bondages. The wearer gets elevated from worldly bondages and gets focused on broader goal of human birth. It is the best Rudraksha for attaining Mokhsha.

15 Mukhi Rudraksha gives healing energy for emotions and is very useful for healthy relationship. It provides relief in feeling of negligence, grief, loneliness and emotional depression. It Governs Heart Psychic Energy centre. In Mythology it is said that “If anyone drinks milk boiled with Fifteen faced Rudraksha then it makes a person full of clear thoughts and directions”.

It helps to remove animal instinct of a person and makes him soft and generous. Powerful bead for Meditation/ Dhyaan and Spiritual attainments. Nullifies the malefic effects of Mercury. Promotes peace and harmony in relationships. Improves concentration power and intuitive thinking. Improves energy levels of the wearer thereby enabling him/ her to grow in both the physical and spiritual levels.

It is considered to be absolute in itself in all respect. This Rudraksha increases the Sperms in males and makes them very strong. He talks with different people and at different places as per the place and opposite person with his Brains and intelligence and wins the discussions. A Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha is very good for promoting intuitive powers as well as abstract and lateral thinking.

This Rudraksha is extremely helpful to deal with Supernatural problems and it also provides Protection from Evil Spirits as well. It can be worn by Businessmen and all other people who want to develop spiritual enhancement, lateral thinking power. It promotes spiritual as well as material development of a person

A wearer of 15 Mukhi Rudraksha is able to control his thoughts and act accordingly. He is also gifted with abstract and lateral thinking, which helps him to deal sensibly and cleverly even in crucial circumstances. It develops the Intuitive powers of a person to such an extent that at times, he is able to judge beforehand and takes right actions on right time.

The energy levels of the wearer are increased extraordinarily thereby enabling him to grow at both the physical as well as spiritual levels. This Rudkarsha is suggested for engaged in the business of Iron and chemicals. Of the numerous benefits of this Rudraksha bead, the most significant one is that it sharpens the wit and intelligence of a person. It also bestows all comforts in one’s material life. The wearer is also endowed with success in all his undertakings.

16 mukhi

Ruling deity: Shiva-Mahamrityunjaya

Planet: Moon

Generates divine vibrations that protect the wearer from evil forces and negative energies. Those with malefic Moon are prone to emotional instability, fears, are moody, restless and irrational. 16-mukhi nullifies the malefic effects of the Moon and bless the wearer with emotional stability, a feeling of security and rational thinking. Gives victory, protection, security and fearlessness.

Helpful in matters of love, affection and relationships. Protects one from theft, fire and robbery. It is equally good in legal matters and to win over enemies. Bestows peace of mind and prosperity. Has the blessings of Shiva Mahakaal, which remove the fear of time and therefore death. To please Mahakaal Shiva, Mahamriunjaya Mantra is the most appropriate mantra. Chant this mantra overcome fear of death, or any other fear.

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17 mukhi


Planet: Saturn

Blesses with the power to create wealth, prosperity. Helps to get a good life partner. Increases connection with the Devi energy, helps wearer to remove all the obstacles. Showers the wearer with immense power and divine magnetism. Destroys the limiting beliefs of a person and thus burns karma. For superior intuition, creative intelligence, magnetism, commanding wealth. Nullifies the malefic effects of Saturn. Used for getting spiritual benefits. It arouses and increases spiritual consciouness, concentration in meditation. Other benefits include unexpected monetary and material gains. It also gives strength, and peace of mind.

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18 mukhi

Ruling deity:  Bhumi Devi – Goddess Earth

Bestows the fulfilment of desires. Enables the wearer to gain abundance and victory in all the undertakings. Best rudraksha to gain profit from land deals, property and real estate business. Makes us grounded, focused and blesses the wearer with immense wealth. Pacifies the imbalances of Kapha dosha. For immense abundance. Said to remove fear and ill effects of black magic and evil eye. It is helpful in regaining health and mental strength.

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19 mukhi

Ruling deity:  Narayana (Vishnu)

Planet: Mercury

Gives immense wealth, success and abundance in business and all spheres. Removes obstacles in business and education and removes all planetary afflictions. The wearer attracts perfect life partner.

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20 mukhi

Ruling deity: Brahma

Planet: Earth

Blesses the wearer with the power to become the creator with immense knowledge and intellect. The wearer is also blessed with divine knowledge of creation, arts, sciences and music. Increases connection with our intuitive mind and allows power of manifesting the desired.

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21 mukhi

Ruling deity: Kuber

Planet: Venus

Preserves wealth, maintains status. The wearer of this bead not only gets enormous wealth but also retains his good fortune and never sees downfall in life. All luxuries of life are available to him and he is protected from all dangers and evils. It is the rarest of all beads. Kuber is the Lord of the Treasury and without his consent even Lakshmi cannot bestow her blessings on a person.

In Shiva Puran, Padma Puran, Shrimad Devibhagivat or Skand Puran rudraksha, up to 14 mukhis are mentioned. There is no reference to those beyond 22 Mukhi, possibly due to extreme rarity of such beads. Higher mukhi beads have been popular among princely families, rich business families and saints. Only one or two pieces of 20 or 21 mukhis and one or two Trijuti’s occur in nature each year. These Rudrakshas are so rare that its effects would be best known to nature itself (Shiva).

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• 22 to 38 mukhi

Bring special siddhis, open the path for spiritual knowledge.