Of the many Dharmic names for God, Brahman is the most often used in metaphysics.

Brahman, the one and only, can be apprehended in 2 main ways.

Saguna Brahman (God ‘with attributes’)

‘With attributes’ means name and form (nama-rupa), so Saguna Brahman would apply to Krishna, Rama, Jesus or any other deity of choice. Saguna Brahman suggests a visualisation in form and name.

For instance, the Earth is a goddess worshiped by many tribes in the world. Equally famous is Sun worship. Worship of gods of planets is also famous. All these gods come under Saguna – gods with Gunas described as Satwa, Rajo and Tamo..

Nirguna Brahman (God ‘without attributes’)

Saguna Brahman implies eminence and a visualisation of the divine, while Sarguna Brahman is the absolute true nature of self. Nirguna Brahman is Absolute Brahman to which neither name nor form can be attributed.

Parama Atma (Infinite Soul) is Nirguna. He is beyond attributes, or any thing known to humans.