2: Your Healing Stars: Volume II, The Integration of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology (Volume 2)

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Your Healing Stars: Volume I is the foundation for Your Healing Stars: Volume II, The Integration of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology, written by the same writer. In this book, the layout of the birth chart is rendered and essential graha (planet), rashi (constellation) and bhava (house) characteristics are explained. A special chapter on advanced bhava meanings provides an in-depth examination of the 12 bhavas and presents the idea that of bhavat bhavam (bhava from bhava) and bhava reflection. Included are beautiful illustrations of the 9 planetary deities and the 27 ruling godheads of the lunar nakshatras. Volume I also accommodates more advanced topics, including a comprehensive discussion of graha condition, important yogas and quite a lot of confluence techniques. Some of the greatest gifts of Vedic Astrology is its many predictive systems. Popular timing techniques explained in this volume include the Vimshottari system of dashas and bhuktis and Gochara (planetary transits). When the birth chart shows a potential for certain events and experiences to occur, then dashas-bhuktis and transits serve as astrological timing triggers that “ripen” the particular event and produce life-changing events, such as a marriage, the birth of a kid, a new career path or severe illness. To make accurate predictions, we need to marry the static nature of the Vedic birth chart with dynamic timing triggers. Lastly, the biggest stumbling block for students of Vedic Astrology is where to begin the birth chart interpretation process. With no sensible process for chart interpretation, we find our eyes gazing hopelessly at varied planetary configurations, wondering methods to integrate and summarize our findings into a message that may be insightful and constructive to the client. Volume I offers a comprehensive methodology developed and used successfully by the writer. It accommodates the techniques and concepts presented in this book.

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