Architecture and Applied Instruments in Panchakarma

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Language: English
Pages: 179 (Right through Color Illustrations)

About the Book

How to establish a Panchakarma centre’ is a incessantly asked question, at least once by the junior Ayurvedic practitioners who have little money, small space but a sky limit hoe. This book may bring them ambrosia of confidence that they are able to do it even in their to be had space. In this book, therapies suitable for OPD level, small and clinic and moderate to large set up are illustrated with appropriate architecture. The utensils and instruments, that have been used in ancient period, are mentioned here together with their modulated form which can be utilized in the sophisticated set up. List of medicines to be stored in the Panchakarma hospital in addition to in the small set up is also mentioned in this book for ready reference. This is the easiest guide to be gone through even before dreaming of a sophisticated establishment of Pnachakarma.


About the Author

Dr. Pulak Kanti did his graduation from University of Calcutta, Post graduation in Panchakarma form Gujarat Ayurveda University and Ph. d from Rajasthan Ayurved University. He has successfully performed thousands of Panchakarma in different critical diseases. He has written six valuables books on different aspect of Pnachakarma. His approach & motivation to propagate Pnachakarma has inclined several students & practitioners of Ayurveda to perform this therapy in clinical practice.



Panchakarma, the unique and wonderful remedy modality of Ayurveda is basically designed for the elite class of the society like king, merchant or somebody having similar status. It does not mean that people of lower or lower middle socio- economic group don’t seem to be entitled to undergo through Panchak

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