Handmade Agarwood Men/Women Bracelet (6.5mm) [Vietnam] with 925 Sterling Silver

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 Dharma Republic
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Top of the range 6.5mm natural Vietnam golden agarwood beads. Genuine 925 sterling silver OM bead for the focal. I go by wrist size (not the length of bracelet measuring end-to-end) for the most efficient fit where to your wrist you’d like to wear it. INSTRUCTION TO MEASURE YOUR WRIST: To find the proper wrist size on your bracelet, you will have to measure the inside of the bracelet where it’ll touch your skin. Wrap around your wrist the use of a flexible measuring tape, measure where you want to wear your bracelet. NO MEASURING TAPE? No problems. You can also use a strip of thin paper or a thin string, mark it where it overlaps to your wrist, and then lay the strip or string flat to measure on top of things the use of any ruler.

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