100% Organic Dried Pure Butterfly Pea Flowers (50 g) GMO-Free


1.60 Oz. 100% Organic Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers in a zipper packaging 5.5 x 8.5 Inches with a wooden spoon. Easy to store, and retains freshness!

Butterfly pea tea is naturally blue and made by collecting butterfly pea flowers, often referred to as Asian Pigeon Wing, in bloom all over the early morning hours which are then immediately sun-dried. No chemicals are used in the process nor even as growing the flowers, so you’ll be sure to receive a 100% natural ingredient.

A beautiful colorful tea that can be brewed either hot or cold, and blue or purple! The Butterfly pea flower is an implausible blue plant that has been used for centuries in Thai traditional cooking. When the dried flowers are brewed, the drink turns to a delightful blue. If you then squeeze a slice of lemon into the tea, it magically turns from blue to purple right before your eyes. This fun drink can be mixed with syrup, honey, and lemon to give you that sweet, herbal taste. The benefits of this tea include strengthening hair, keeping it looking silky and soft, and naturally detoxing body. This tea can also be made cold by adding ice, turning it into a delightful summer drink.

Tip: Lemon and honey make this tea taste in point of fact amazing. If you are not much of a tea person, you are going to be once you taste the sweet butterfly pea tea!

Bartenders from far and wide the world are using our butterfly pea flowers in their cocktails, not only to make them uniquely blue but for another special effect.

Use for a healthy drink, tea herb, colorful drinks, take it with honey and lemon to enjoy its awesome taste and revel

Used for cooking as an edible flower and as food coloring in blue or purple, ingredient for made hair shampoo

Stored As it should be will Last One Year or More. Very low inventory so your purchase is fresh

The product of Thailand and Ship from the US by FBA.

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