Whole Dashamula Roots (1 lb) Organic [Regenerates Nervous System]


Calms the nerves and removes excess vata from the system*
Strengthens and nourishes the body*
Supports healthy expectoration and proper function of the lungs*



A traditional Ayurvedic formula for pacifying vata and supporting proper function of the nervous system.

Dashamula  can be a nourishing muscle tonic that strengthens the body and calms the nerves. Dashamula promotes healthy expectoration and respiration even as supporting the right kind function of the lungs and nervous system.

The formula is very grounding and helps direct the glide of vata energy in the body downward. A decoction of the whole herbs is used as an enema to get rid of natural toxins from the GI tract and to balance vata in the lower region of the body.

Dashamula literally means ‘ten roots’ referring to the traditional ingredients of the formula. Five of the plants are large trees and a number of the roots are difficult to obtain sustainably. When vital, other parts of the plants are used as effective substitutes to assist ensure the protection of the species for future generations.

Calms the nerves and gets rid of excess vata from the system.

Strengthens and nourishes the body.

Supports healthy expectoration and proper function of the lungs.

Promotes healthy elimination of natural toxins.

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