3 Vedic Chai Tea Pack | Cardamom / Masala / Ginger


No preservative or artificial flavor/color

A pack that contains 3 flavors, Cardamom, Masala, and Ginger.

100% natural GMO-FREE: 4 basic ingredients- Milk, Black tea extract, Masala and Cane sugar

10 single serving packets. 1 packet makes 8oz

Chai tea Latte Mix variety pack 30 counts | 10 each and every Flavors of Ginger, Masala and Cardamom

SIMPLE 4 INGREDIENTS: Our chai tea latte mix contains basic 4 ingredients. There’s no hydrogenated oil or trans-fat

NO STEEPING, NO BREWING, NO MILK: The entire instant chai Latte mixes—sweetened or unsweetened—Just add 8 oz of hot water to your cup, stir, sip, and enjoy your perfect chai cup anytime and anyplace. Enjoy it hot, iced or blended for a delicious treat

CONVENIENCE OF SINGLE SERVING PACKETS: Great for work/trip/camping/Café/book club/parties/weddings.

QUALITY AND SATISFACTION: We use very prime quality ingredients. We imagine to get convenience you don’t have to sacrifice taste or health

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