Raw Wild Jungle Honey (Borneo) 1 lb


100% sourced from Borneo’s tropical rainforest.

This honey is made from HUNDREDS of different types of flowers from the jungle, in an area with some of the densest rainforest inthe world – and the oldest anywhere, dating back an estimated 130 million years.

Wild Honey is the honey that is harvested from the hives of wild honeybees. Black honey naturally forms in deep rainforests of Borneo. It is extremely rich in enzymes and has numerous medicinal properties.

Jungle honey bees known as Apis dorsata— the world’s largest— make large, parabolic-shaped honey combs which hang from high trees.  Because the honey is difficult to obtain and is manually harvested from the trees during the harvest season, it is more expensive than regular honey.

Wild Black Jungle Honey is thicker and darker than normalhoneys. It carries a taste that varies considerably from fruity to sweet, sharp to bitter. Sometimes it can be a bit runny, sometimes a bit thick. A lot of factors, from the nectar of the flowers the bees consume to the climate of the surrounding hive, affect the taste and consistency of the honey produced in the wild.

Ships directly from Bali

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