Organic Pruatjan Powder 1 lb


Pruatjan is a rare plant with strong (male and female) aphrodisiac and rejuvenative properties, traditionally used in Javanese folk medicine. Although the whole plant is edible, it is the roots of the plant that are used for aphrodisiac purposes.

Its use goes back to the time of the Majapahit Empire. It grows at high altitude (especially on the holy Dieng Plateau in Wonosobo, Central Java) and has become an endangered species due to land conversion and its limited cultivation area (although attempts are now been made to cultivate it at lower altitudes.

Our Pimpinella pruatjan however is ethically sourced from local farmers.

To start feeling the full effects, Pruatjan should be taken regularly for 7 to 15 days. In addition, this plant is also nutritious to the nerves and muscles. Pruatjan’s roots and seeds have a distinctive spicy flavor.

Research:  Pruatjan: The rooted herbal medicine of Indonesia for aphrodisiac properties (abstract)

Ships DIRECTLY from Java (no intermediaries).

Non-GMO, Gluten-free, No fillers, No binders

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